Floating (in memory of my little dog, Monster) 


Monster died before I saw a shitty concert at school
Before I took seven shots and before I smoked and danced
I had spoken to him on the phone before he died
Dad pressed the speaker against his ear and I doubt he heard
But I told him with cuts in between my speech

“You are a good boy,

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Editorial Cartoon: Bon Appetorture


Editorial Cartoon: Bon Appetorture

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Awesome Dog Imitates a Siren  

Next, he’ll do a car alarm for four hours.

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this is so so so important !!

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President Obama Demands Another Shrek Movie


President Obama Demands Another Shrek Movie

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Thousands of the birds have arrived to roost in the village near Gretna, Scotland, with the sheer weight of numbers causing disruption. Power supplies in the village have been affected by the number of birds perching on electricity cables. Starlings are among the most common of garden birds, and can be spotted in the Borders in “murmurations” throughout the Autumn period.

When I was a child, my grandfather was driving me down a highway in a state I don’t recall and all of a sudden the sky went black and we were surrounded, immersed in a cloud of starlings. It was terrifying and loud and beautiful and the sky became abstract art and I think that’s when I fell in love with birds. And also realized how fucking frightening anything is in vast numbers, even cute little birdies.

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ah yes, Yoshi from one direction. 

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